jkb1982 (jkb1982) wrote,

Высказывания одного болельщега о TNA (рыдал!)

"Not even drugs would make someone want to watch the Nasties in the ring, because drugs that good do not exist"

[увы, Насти Бойз уже уволены; очевидно, эту нехитрую истину поняли даже акционеры TNA]

"Angelina Love looks like a hooker"

[я бы сказал, - как дешёвая шоссейная проститутка на закате карьеры]

"I doubt Hall can stand upright for five minutes without blacking out from alcohol poisoning"
"The way Hall shambles around the ring, you might as well have him in a rubber Godzilla suit and it’d be more compelling wrestling"

[Холл действительно так и остался в безобразной форме. Т.е. внешне мускулатура никуда не делась, но ходит и даже стоит он неуверенно]

"Ken Anderson jumps Angle after the match and cuts him open with the Army medal. Again. This is absolutely stunning to me. It used to be that TNA would book this shit backwards, but now they’re booking it…backwards and circular? Why would anyone want to see this resolved on a PPV? Seriously, tell me. This feud is OVER. No, really. It’s over. It’s DEAD.

How dead? They had Angle kill Anderson dead two weeks ago with a chair, kill him again the next week, and then had about fifty Army soldiers stomp on his prostrate corpse after Angle got his medal back. You can’t finish a feud more decisively than that. Anderson looks like a complete clown now, but even worse, we’re right back to square one here. Now Anderson has the medal again, busted Angle open with it again, and this whole thing will repeat. We’ve officially wasted a month of time booking this feud, resolving nothing, and now you’re booking it again. What idiot wrote this garbage?"

[Сюжет с Энглом, его поц-рейотизьмом, медальоном и американскими трупами... в смысле, войсками )))) - безнадёжное УГ, призванное попушить Андерсона, причём самым дурацким образом. Shit booking!]

"Shannon Moore looks like a complete dork. Howls of derisive laughter when he mentions some “Book of Dilligaf” and screams “GOOGLE IT, WOMAN!!”"

[У ШМура проблема: он слишком похож на девочку. Поэтому он и сотворил с собой чёрт знает что, став гибридом панка, Буратино и мазохиста]

"It’s not a good sign when even the commentators wonder aloud why the hell AJ and Jeff are having a match"

[как сказал бы раньше мой сын, "это бадА!]

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